Mixed Media Eco-print

Weave 2020  Eco-printed silk, woven branches, pods, leaves on rice paper

© 2018 Roxanne Turner - www.RoxanneTurner.com

Three 2020  Eco-printed silk, yellow dock, moss on rice paper

Collage 2020  Pods, grasses, rice papers, eco-printed silk

Lamb's Ear 2020  Eco-printed silk, Lamb's Ear, moss on printed paper

Bundle 2020  Eco-printed cotton, dried seed pods and eco-printed silk strips on rice paper

Brook 2020  Eco-printed silk and cotton, silk wrapped chollo on rice paper

Autumn  2020  Eco-printed silks, pods and silk wrapped chollo

Summer 2020 Eco-printed silk, grape vine and woven branches

Cobra  2020  Eco-printed silk, pods, moss wrapped mullein on rice paper

Cobra 2020  Eco-printed silk, pods, moss-wrapped mullein on rice paper

Totem  2020  Eco-printed cotton, silk-wrapped chollo on rice paper

© 2018 Roxanne Turner - www.RoxanneTurner.com