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Roxanne Turner has called many places home and the beauty of each of those landscapes is imprinted on her art. Childhood camping trips in the alpine forests of Northern California instilled a love of mountains and wild places. She lived in Alaska during two different periods and enjoyed hiking muskeg trails in the Southeast rainforests, sailing the Inside Passage waterways, and picking the sweet wild strawberries in fields at her remote cabin.  Virginia is memorable for the ocean vista and sharks’ teeth found at scout camp in Chesapeake Bay. Wisconsin summers in high school were spent sailing racing scows on Lake Nagawicka near Milwaukee.


Now living in Santa Fe NM, she enjoys the dynamic sky show in high desert terrain and the scents of sage, juniper, and chamisa after a rainfall.

Turner began college in Madison Wisconsin and finished with a degree in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  In 1984 she earned a BFA in Printmaking from the California College of the Arts in Oakland.  After many years in Alaska, she and her husband spent 1999-2003 in Santa Fe New Mexico where she continued her study of monotype printmaking and began working in mixed media and collage. Her husband’s career took them to coastal Peru during 2007-2010, and to Perth Australia and Tokyo in 2011. After several years in Astoria Oregon, Turner relocated permanently to Santa Fe NM.


Roxanne's work has been chosen for exhibition in Maryland, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Russia.  Her art is held in public collections in New Mexico and Alaska and in numerous private collections.    

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